Ahmad Masjed Jamei, a member of the Islamic Council of Tehran, visited Ahl al-Bayt International University

The intimate meeting of the deputies and administrators of Ahl al-Bayt International University with Ahmad Masjed Jamei, a member of tehran's city council, was held on Sunday, January 11, 2020.

According to the public relations of Ahl al-Bayt International University, in the presence of Ahmad Masjed Jamei, member of the Islamic Council of Tehran, Dr. Mehrshad Kazemi, director of tourism organization of Tehran, Dr. Salehi, deputy of communications and international affairs, Dr. Ghomi, deputy of research and technology, and Dr. Raziee, director of public relations of the university, Dr. Ahmad Masjed Jamei wished the university a bright future by presenting cultural and educational proposals. : The use of prominent and scientific professors of other countries can be an effective and effective step in branding this university.

It should be noted that in this intimate meeting, many issues related to the cultural and scientific fields of the university were exchanged.

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