Ahl al-Bayt International University President's Intimate Meeting with Students

The university president's intimate meeting with incoming students in 2019 and 2020 was held on Tuesday morning, January 6, 2020, in the university conference hall.

According to the Public Relations Office of Ahl al-Bayt International University, Dr. Saeed Jasari, in a friendly meeting held with the presence of students entering 2019 and 2019, introduced himself as a servant of scholars and said, "Being a servant of science is very valuable spiritually and malakouti, and serving science and scientific school is the job of the prophets."

He went on to introduce the highest requirements of science and said: "The family and the country that dominates the weapon of science have no other need, and in scientific positions wherever the emphasis is placed on science, human beings with science and science-based speech have always been successful.

The chancellor pointed out that Iran and the Middle East region have long been the cradle of science, and that there were many scientific schools in the region before famous European and American universities were established.

Saeed Jasari considered it an honor to serve scientific ambassadors and work in the university environment and said: "Despite being a place for learning and the self of sanctihad science, the name of this university is also decorated with the name of Ahl al-Bayt (a) that the Ahl al-Bayt (a) do not belong to a particular race, people, country and nationality, and even in European and American countries, the holy name of Fatima and imams is respected.

Hojjatoleslam and Al-Muslim al-Jasari introduced the university's location, its extent, changing the dormitory location and promoting cultural activities as the first steps in the university's executive policies, and added: "University executives and policy makers have introduced a variety of programs, including holding skill courses, recreational scientific camps, language learning and celebrating national day of students of different nationalities, etc. and the results will be seen as soon as possible.

Finally, Dr. Saeed Jazzari asked students to care about science as scientific representatives of their own country and to pursue knowledge seriously so that they can succeed as scientific and cultural ambassadors in their country's future.

He stressed that students should be serious in the scientific field and the university will also be active in this field.

Observing order was one of the other issues that the university president raised and stated: If today as scientific scholars you can order your dormitory a few meters in the future, you can also order your country and dormitory and regular class is a sign of a beautiful mind.

It should be noted that in this meeting, Dr. Mehdi Salehi, Deputy of Communications and International Affairs, Dr. Seyed Abedin Bozorgi, Deputy of Education and Cultural Affairs, Mr. Mohammad Ali Ghodratabadi, Administrative and Financial Deputy, Dr. Mahtab Raziei, Head of Public and International Relations Department, Mr. Abolfazl Goodarzi, Director of Security, Mr. Mahmoud Kiasti, Director of the Presidency and a group of administrative and research colleagues were present. And the meeting was held in accordance with health protocols.

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