Introduction to Anthropology

Anthropology is one of the social sciences that maintains an exceptional approach to the subject of culture. Accepting the principle that the role of culture in public structures is very important and decisive, anthropology has been studying culture for a long time and in different societies. The anthropology group tries to cultivate experts who, while studying the biological characteristics and cultural and social characteristics of human groups in a certain geographical area and a specific historical period based on special elements and phenomena such as language, art, music, customs, marriage, habits and temperaments, Family, kinship, religion, economy, law, clothing, technology and in a word, by studying and researching in the field of cultural and biological factors governing human societies can be in the social, economic, cultural and biological planning of the country in regional dimensions (urban, Rural and nomadic) provide constructive feedback. One of the significant goals and orientations of this group is to move towards social, cultural, and bio-social anthropological studies, during which it relates the developments and changes of sympathetic groups concerning social institutions and organizations and with categories related to cultural, social, and anthropological anthropology. It considers and explores biology.

Currently this field of study is being lanched at Ahlul Bayt International university(AS)