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Admission for the winter semester of 2022

Specific to international applicants

Ahlul Bayt (AS) International University is approved by Iran’s ministry of Science, Research, and Technology and is a member of the IAU (under the supervision of UNESCO). The ABU accepts Muslim-international students for M.A. courses for the winter semester of 2022.


International Relations

Women’s Studies


Religion and Mysticism

Islamic History

Private Law

Social Communications

Islamic Economics

Persian Language and Literature

Philosophy and Islamic Theology

Criminal Law and Criminology

Business Management

Ahlul Bayt University

Get a scholarship by enrolling in Ahlul Bayt (AS) University

The applicants who are admitted in the ABU are enrolled in either of the following scholarships


Full Scholarship: in this type of scholarship, students are exempt from the expenses of education, dormitory, and food. A minimum average grade of 17 in obligatory.


Partial Scholarship: applicants who are accepted in this type of scholarship are required to pay for half of the expenses of education, dormitory, and food (300 dollars per semester).

Ahlul Bayt University - Library

The amount of admissions made 64%

Admission Deadline: by December 21

Applicants will be informed of the initial Results of the applications via the Telegram channel in two weeks at the latest.

How to Apply?

  1. The Applicant must first enter the address admission.abu.ac.ir and register their personal information.
  2. In the second stage, the applicant must enter the comprehensive system of the ABU at ams.abu.ac.ir and upload their documents.
  3. After finalizing the admission process, the applicant will receive a tracking code which they should send to the Telegram channel of the admissions officer (@ABU_Admission)

How Can I Get My Visa?

In case your application is accepted by Ahlul Bayt (AS) International University, you can begin the process of getting your Visa by contacting the consular officer of the ABU.


For more information go to the website of the ABU or follow its Telegram channel.

Contact Us

ABU’s Address :

Tehran, Khalij-e Fars freeway, next to the Tehran-Qom toll stations

Questions :

Mr. Metanat (Persian, English)

Message via WhatsApp to +989101915801

Mr. Syed Leyaquat Ali (Persian, English, Turkish and Arabic)

Message via WhatsApp to +989053584022


Mr. Sa’adat Ali Samaeri (English, Persian and Urdu)

Message via WhatsApp to +989053584023

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