Ayatollah Ramezani: Ahlul Bayt’ (AS) School of Thought Is Rife with Logic, Spirituality, and Justice

Ayatollah Ramezani: Ahlul Bayt’ (AS) School of Thought Is Rife with Logic, Spirituality, and Justice

According to the public relations department of Ahlul Bayt (AS) International University, the Iftar ceremony for the employees of the university was held on Sunday the 17th of April, as it was attended by Ayatollah Ramezani, the general secretary of Ahlul Bayt (AS) World Assembly.

The general secretary of the ABU pointed out that the month of Ramadan is rife with bliss and prosperity: “It is cited in Revayah that had we known the truth of Ramadan, we would have wanted it to keep going all year round. There is an explanation that says: ‘do not say Ramadan, say the month of Ramadan. Because you don’t know the truth of Ramadan.’ We must call this month the month of God. This means that we are not the ones going toward this celebration, we are taken toward it. In celebrations, the host provides the best property at their disposal.”

Ayatollah Ramezani mentioned: “the month of Ramadan is accompanied by not eating and drinking which is driven from a specific philosophy. The thing people look for is not wealth and power, because a lot of people had wealth and power, yet stress of all kinds never left them. These people are in need of peace and serenity and a clean life, pure eyes, and positive attitude toward the universe which was created for us humans. These concepts bring freshness of soul and spirituality, which is hard to reach for many. Only those who understood the essence of religion can reach it. It is the truth of religion that dignifies people. One must follow religion if one is to be dignified. There is no other way, because the best relationship one can have is their relationship with God.”

Ayatollah Ramezani said: “a person’s relationship with God empowers them and brings them peace. It is in Revayah that this gives people the strength of soul. Without God, people lose their interest in life. Even floating in absolute freedom, one is frustrated and wants to look for the truth.”

Regarding ethics and family, he said: “a university must produce knowledge and this knowledge must be accompanied by respect. Avicenna is a prominent scientist, yet he says: ‘I know enough to say that I don’t know’. We must realize that we are ignorant compared to the infinite knowledge in the universe. Science and wisdom permeate the universe and God’s holy names are all around the world which requires our attention to its deep meanings.”

Ayatollah Ramezani stated: “the month of Ramadan is an opportunity to find one’s true self. Therefore, university is a place of culture, knowledge, respect, and etc. and this university operates on the international level and it must adopt an international language. International language is different of the language of a region. We must familiarize ourselves with the international language as it has complications of its own.”

He continued: “we must give significance to Ahlul Bayt’ (AS) School of thought. Ahlul Bayt’ (AS) school of thought is rife with logic, spirituality and justice. These concepts must be received in families. The miraculous verse about marriage in the Quran does not mean women are to bring peace to men, but it is meant that both men and women are to bring peace to one another. The holy Quran is comprehensive and looks to secure the peace for both.”

He added: “the elixir for lasting peace in the family is kindness which identifies both the rights and ethics of family. The basis of a family in the Quran is man and woman, yet, today we face a distortion of this fact in the West that could threaten the humanity. It is important not to distort the basis of a family. Liberalism has exerted a number of distortions with regard to this issue. We believe that the rule of nature asserts that a family constitutes male and female, meaning man and women, boy and girl. These concepts relate to each other on some level, about which Ayatollah Javadi Amoli used to say: ‘men and women are the symbol of glory’. The West has distorted this truth by asserting that a family does not require man and woman. This does not secure peace and serenity because this is not according to the correct criteria of the world.”