Ayatollah Ramezani: The Islamic Revolution in Iran Was a Burst of Light and a Miracle

Ayatollah Ramezani: The Islamic Revolution in Iran Was a Burst of Light and a Miracle

The academic conference on scientific-technological diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran; the necessity of employing cyberspace and local resources towards the opening ceremony of the seventh conference of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly on Wednesday, August 31st, 2022. Hojat al-Eslam Seyed Hasan Khomeini and Ayatollah Reza Ramezani, general secretary of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly, gave speeches at the conference hall of Ahlul Bayt International University.

According to the public affairs department of Ahlul Bayt International University, Seyed Hasan Khomeini pointed out the recent event of neighboring countries in this ceremony: “we commiserate with the people of Afghanistan for the crimes committed against the mourners of Imam Hossein (AS) and ask those in charge of that country to care for the lives and assets of their people, especially Shias who have bore the brunt of these crimes.”

He continued: “We also commiserate with the people of Pakistan who are enduring a gruesome flood and we ask of those who can help in any way to step in and sympathize.”

Ayatollah Ramezani, who spoke before Seyed Hasan Khomeini, said: “development in sciences is an important character of the Islamic civilization and many Hadith point out that mastery of sciences is an important characteristic of Imam Zaman’s (AS) rule. Progress in society is not possible without attention to science and it empowers the individual as well as the society.”

He added: “Some modernists and postmodernists claimed that there is no Islamic rule, but Imam Khomeini proved that there is. Some said that there is a contrast between science and religion, however, he abolished that idea by saying that following religion is a logical issue.”

He emphasized: “The Ahlul Bayt are where all Muslims come together and knowing them is a stepping stone towards rational thinking. I believe that we haven’t been true the Ahlul Bayt as well as we should have been. Some have been passionate rather than rational in this regard. The Ahlul Bayt have been our Imams (guides) in all respects and the world craves the presence.”

In closing, he mentioned: “Imam Khomeini was a force for good in these times and he saved us.”