Dr. Jazari:  The Banner of the Ahlul Bayt Must Instill Unity, Cooperation, and Solidarity Amongst Muslims of the World

Dr. Jazari: The Banner of the Ahlul Bayt Must Instill Unity, Cooperation, and Solidarity Amongst Muslims of the World

The president of Ahlul Bayt International University gave a speech on the event of expressing gratitude for the efforts of the university’s staff during the conference on the necessity of employing the cyberspace and local communities in the diplomacy of science and technology which was attended by over 200 guests from 96 countries. According to the public affairs department of Ahlul Bayt International University, Dr. Jazari expressed his gratitude to the staff for their efforts, recounted potions of the speech given by the Supreme Leader during a meeting with the delegates of the 7th general assembly of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly.  

He mentioned: “this year, Ahlul Bayt World Assembly was a better position than previous terms. There were ten focal points in the Supreme Leader’s speech, some of which, relates to us.”

The Unique Greatness and Popularity of the Ahlul Bayt Amongst Muslims

He said: “the first point is that we have a connection with the Ahlul Bayt. And that elevates the importance of what we do. We are in a sensitive position as a university. Another point is that the staff have heavy responsibilities, which means, our demeanor towards international students must follow that of the Ahlul Bayt.”

He added: “the Supreme Leader quoted the Ahlul Bayt in saying “you are adornments for us” which means we should all be careful with regards to our responsibilities.”

Ahlul Bayt International University Is a Basis for Spreading the Teachings of the Ahlul Bayt in All Aspects

Dr. Jazari said: “according to the Supreme Leader, the teaching of the Ahlul Bayt is not limited to a small portion of life. All Muslim countries need it today. These teachings are so vast that they include philosophy, jurisprudence, law, social sciences, spirituality, monotheism, and mysticism. Therefore, Ahlul Bayt International University is capable of creating a great source for all these fields of study.”

The Islamic Republic of Iran Upholds the Banner of Justice and Spirituality

He said: “according to the Supreme Leader, the banner carries two points; justice and spirituality. As people with administrative responsibilities, we carry a heavy weight on our shoulders. On the issue of spirituality, the university must become a symbol of spirituality through cultural representation. Events such Arbaeen, Ahya, religious occasions have a specific aura which requires attention.”

On the issue of justice, Dr. Jazari said: “in a world that is based on oppression, upholding the banner of justice would certainly face opposition. Therefore, opposition with the Islamic Republic of Iran is bound to happen. The Banner of the Ahlul Bayt must uphold the values of unity and cooperation amongst Muslims.”

In the end, he added: “the last point mentioned by the Supreme Leader is that Ahlul Bayt World Assembly can play an important role in the world of Islam which is something that we have to pay attention to on a smaller scale. Ahlul Bayt International University can play an important role by elevating the scientific level of Muslim students.”

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Jazari commended the efforts of the staff of the university.