Faculty members
Department of History of Islam

The Department of Islamic History may be regarded as one of the oldest departments of Ahlul Bayt international university. It was established to provide facilities for advanced studies and original research in Islamic History and culture. The Department is a sub-department of the Faculty of Islamic studies. Dr. Mohammad Reza Abouee Mehrizi manages the activities of the Department. (To contact The Manager of Department, please email:)


This course provides the opportunity for advanced studies and original research in Islamic history and culture. This capability helps them explore different aspects of the Islamic era and conduct research on the history of Islam and Islamic societies. Finally, be involved in an advisory role regarding Islamic societies in think tanks and governmental institutions following graduation. Besides advisory roles, they would also be able to teach Islamic history.

  • Research Methodology in history,
  • knowledge of Islamic history sources,
  • Sira science (the inside of Muslims prophet life),
  • Islamic history sects, Islamic lands, historical geography,
  • history of education in the Islamic world, 
  • history of interaction between Islam and the West, Islamic political