Faculty members of Islamic Philosophy and Theology Department
Islamic Philosophy and Theology Department

The Department of Islamic Philosophy and Theology is a sub-department of the Faculty of Islamic studies. This Department offers the opportunity to study the philosophy of religion and the history of either theology or specifically Islamic theology. Dr. Sayyid Sadegh Pishnamazi manages the activities of the Department. To contact The Manager of Department, please email


This course will give the students thorough instruction on the core knowledge and skills required for research in the history of Islamic Philosophy and Theology. So, this capability helps them to study the Islamic era from Philosophy and Theology aspects.

The Alumni will be able to research Islamic Philosophy and Theology. They will also be involved in an advisory role about Islamic societies in think tanks and a governmental institution.

  • History of Islamic theology,
  • analytical theology,
  • comparative theology,
  • new theological issues,
  • schools of Islamic theology,
  • theological thought,
  • schools of Islamic theology,
  • contemporary theological reflection, logic, and Islamic philosophy