Objectives of launching the field of social communication sciences

• Training of experts in the field of social communication, to improve the quality of activities and services of news agencies, press, radio and television, and other institutions

• Helping to make more use of communication in economic, social, and cultural policies and planning

Introduction to Social Communication Sciences

The field of social communication science has served human beings to organize the various dimensions of communication in societies and its existential shreds of evidence that extensive and complex means of communication and information like radio, television, press, and many other instances of science and technology serve information and Put the connection between humans.

The purpose of the field of social communication sciences is to instruct people who, after graduation, are able to work as communication experts in centers such as newspapers, radio, and television, public-relations offices of governmental and non-governmental organizations, and similar centers. Have analysis and research in the area of communication in general and mass communication in particular.

To get more acquainted with the applicants for the entrance exam and also those who are looking for a better career in the labor market and employment, more information includes the curriculum (number) and the number of units, universities with the field, the introduction of masters and doctoral degrees in social communication sciences (to continue studying in higher education) and introduces job opportunities and the labor market in this field is presented.