Objectives of launching the field of women's studies
  • Introducing them and the role of women in the universe from the perspective of Islam
  •  Training of specialized human resources for education and research in women’s affairs
  •  Training human resources for optimal policymaking at the planning levels of the country
  •  Strengthening scientific insight into the issue of women to improve social and cultural attitudes
The role of women's studies

– Training experts in females’ affairs for consulting at all executive levels of the country

– Expert training to implement projects related to women at all levels

– Training of experts for policymaking and planning in women’s affairs

– Outlining the general positions of Islamic vision towards females scientifically at the university level for the first time in Iran and the world

Introduction to the field of women's studies

The field of women’s studies is an interdisciplinary course. In this field, an attempt is developed to provide a correct insight into the position of women in Iran and the world scientifically and academically. The orientation of women and family is an interdisciplinary inclination with a sociological aspect, and the orientation of women’s rights in Islam is an interdisciplinary orientation with a legal aspect.