Faculty members of Persian Language and Literature Department
Introduction to Persian language and literature

This group teaches the Persian language and literature as a language that is several thousand years old and has Iranian thought, knowledge, culture, and civilization. The attractive and sweet content and format of this language, mixed with mystical and moral concepts, has attracted many enthusiasts all over the world and has created chairs of Persian language and literature in many universities of the world. Therefore, graduates of this field can teach as teachers of this field in the universities of their country.

Some courses in Persian language and literature in the master’s degree of texts of Persian order (Shahnameh, Masnavi, Sanai, Naser Khosrow, Khaghani, Nezami, etc.), Persian prose texts (Tarikh Jahangosha, Marzban nameh, Kashf al-Mahjoub, etc.), stylistics, grammar, research method, literary techniques, semantics, texts of Arabic poetry and prose, history of literature and literary types and…