The Persian Language Training Center of Ahlul Bayt International University (PBUH) was established in 2012 with the aim of teaching Persian to non-Persian speakers, especially volunteers studying at this university.

Course length

The language instructing of the Persian language training center is done in a 7-month course in three levels: basic (elementary), intermediate (secondary) and advanced.

Teaching Method

Persian language teaching is based on four skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking) and utilizing the most capital present educational resources. In the third semester of education, language learners are introduced to the terms and preliminaries of specialized courses by the professors of the academic departments according to their field of study.


The Persian language training center's language curriculum is proposed and presented in person 5 days a week from morning to evening.

Total number of units
Training hours

Notable points (article 5-6-7) of the regulations

Persian language education is free for scholarship students of Ahlul Bayt (AS) University in three designated semesters.

The language learners of the Persian Language Training Center are volunteers to follow a master's degree at Ahlul Bayt International University (PBUH) and after completing the Persian language teaching process, they participate in specialized classes . Note: Free volunteers, as well as candidates introduced from other universities, will be trained in this center after the approval of the university.

Tuition for volunteers and language learners from other universities is determined by the university board based on the cost of tuition and amenities requested.

Educational rules for language learners

Academic evaluation

Performance report of Persian language training center