This center was set up to create a platform for the production and development of science and development of research in the global arena and helping to promote the country scientifically and in line with meeting the main needs of intellectuals and students to acquire foreign languages, especially English as an international and official language.

Special attention is devoted to improving the capabilities and skills of listening, writing, speaking and reading at the same time and taking advantage of the latest qualitative and scientific achievements approved by world-renowned centers and holding standardized tests are the special features of this center. Supervising the standard of education through the central system of monitoring classes and holding training courses for teachers on a continuous basis to provide the desired quality is one of the vital programs of this center. Also, a quality package for each student at the beginning of the course with the support of information technology and updating the package based on each student’s progress remains a feature of evaluating the skills of each language learner in this center.

We hope to achieve our great goals to establish a capable center in producing and providing the highest quality language teaching services and to see progress and improvement every day so that not only communication through foreign languages is possible but also scientific and research opportunities, research. And provide innovation and technology, job opportunities, education, business and tourism.