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Step 1) Read the registration guide carefully

Step 2) The Applicant must enter the address admission.abu.ac.ir and register their personal information.

Step 3) The applicant must enter the comprehensive system of the ABU at ams.abu.ac.ir and upload their documents. These documents include the B.A. degree along with transcripts, letter of recommendation, certificate of accepted articles, published books or other scientific documents they might have.

Step 4) In the end, after finalizing the admission process, the applicant will receive a tracking code which they should send to the admissions officer of the ABU via Telegram.

Note 1: Applicants who have also applied for admission in other university of the Islamic Republic of Iran must contact the aforementioned university and cancel their application in the website of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology (saorg), otherwise the ABU would not be able to request for Visa for the applicant.

Note 2: Applicants who have applied once before need to apply again and send their new tracking code along with the old one to the admission’s officer of the ABU.

Note 3: Accepted students will be admitted to the University only if the educational documents they present are certified by the Iranian Embassy and their home country’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Note 4: The university does not receive any money from applicants for initial registration on the university portal.

Having Bachelor’s Degree

If the applicant is on the verge of graduation, they can still apply by presenting a student certificate from the university where they study as well as the transcript of the courses they have passed. Of course, presenting the original and approved version of the degree upon arriving at the ABU is obligatory. Applicants must approve their degree and transcripts by their home country’s Ministry of Higher education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Iranian Embassy in that country.

Maximum Age

In order for MA applicants to be accepted for type A scholarship, they must be no older than 28.

Mental and physical health

Scholarship History

Applicants should not have any prior scholarships in the course they intend to apply for in case they are looking to qualify for a scholarship. Otherwise, they can apply without any scholarship.

Passport Expiration Date

The Passport of the applicant must be credible for at least 6 months. Admission is not possible without credible Passport.

Applicants can be either A) Full Scholarship, or B) Partial Scholarship.

A) Full Scholarship: in this type of scholarship, the ABU will pay all expenses for food and dormitory on the condition that students receive grades of 17 or higher. Students who do not achieve this condition will be relegated to the B type and must pay tuition.

B) Partial Scholarship: in this type of scholarship, the ABU will pay for educational expenses of the student, however, students must pay 300 dollars for food and dormitory.

Important Note: all applicants must pay 100 Dollars or 3 million Toman in order to confirm their final admission. This figure is not related to the $ 300 the type B scholarship have to pay.

The account number is noted in the related Telegram channel and also at the end of this announcement.

Finalizing the 100 Dollar payment is meant as acceptance of the applicant’s type of scholarship and the start of the process of issuing Visa. In case of failure to make this payment, the applicant will not receive student Visa.

Note 1: Food consists of lunch and dinner, or payment for the cost of it, from Saturday to Wednesday and religious and national holidays. Students are responsible for obtaining food on Thursdays and Fridays and the university will not pay for it.

Note 2: the number of students in each room in the dormitory is 4 to 8 people depending on the size of the room.

Note 3: the ABU does not provide dormitory for married students. Married students are responsible for obtaining Visa and a place to stay for themselves and their families.

📌 Applicants who pass final registration but fail to arrive at the ABU in person, in case their Visa is issued they must pay 50 percent of the registration cost as compensation and then proceed to apply again. In other words, these applicants must pay 1 million and 250 thousand Toman of the total 2 million and 500 thousand Toman registration expenses.

📌 All of the applicant must have taken full vaccination for Covid-19. The university will only accept applicants with vaccination cards. The type and brand of the vaccine is unimportant.

📌 The cost of issuing Visa, travel, course books is on the students. The Embassy determines the cost of issuing Visa and the ABU is not aware of the that.

📌 The criteria for accepting applicants are their CV. Therefore, it is recommended that the applicant upload all the documents mentioned on the website according to the guide. If you have a certificate for skills in related fields, or have published books or articles, or have achieved success in competitions, you can upload it in the website.

📌 Having someone as reference is not obligatory and applicants will be able to apply even without one. It is also useful to note that having letters of recommendation from university professors and notable people in social, cultural, and political fields could affect the process of admission.  

 📌 The title of various courses and their topics are available on the website of the university.

📌 In case of shortcomings with regards to the documents of the student or failure to complete the process of admission, the related application will not be assessed.

📌 Married male students whose application has been accepted who would like to get residence permit for their wife and children must do as such; the student must enter alone with student Visa and then, using credible marriage permit that has been confirmed by the Foreign Ministry and the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, proceed to getting a residence permit for his family. Other family members of the student might enter using Pilgrim or Vacation Visa and the university has no responsibility towards them.

📌 Female students cannot get residence permit for their husband or any children who is not in their wardship.

📌 Male or Female student who are accepted in the university must follow ABU’s regulations regarding their clothing and appearance. The guides for these regulations are both on the website and on the Telegram channel of the university.

📌 It is recommended that applicants get their B.A. degrees confirmed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran as soon as possible and be ready to start their travel to Iran after their Visa is issued.

📌 Student must register their cellphones in the customs before entering Iran. This requires that they give the IMEI of their phones and their student Visa to the relevant officer at the customs. In case students fail to register their cellphones at the customs, their cellphone will stop working and its recovery will be very expensive.

📌 Paying for the costs of consular issues and insurance is on the student and students must be sure to bring Iranian money when coming for registration (according to this year’s rates, 50 thousand Toman would cover the costs).

📌 The only official where students can find reliable news about the ABU is the following website and Telegram channel. All applicants are required to become members of this channel and study and follow its content.

📌 Non-Persian language students will take a 7-month Persian language course before starting their chosen course. The approximate time to start Persian language classes for the entrance of February will be June 22 and the start time of Persian language classes for the beginning of October will be December 22.

For further information, you can:

Do I have to register on the website of the Ministry of Science of Iran (Saorg) to register?

Previously, registration on the website of the Ministry of Science was done by students. However, due to the restrictions on the site and the many problems that arose for the applicants, it was decided that from now on students would only register on the Ahlul-Bayt University website and the registration process would be done by the university on the Ministry of Science website.

Is it necessary to have a passport to register?

It is mandatory to have a passport that is valid for at least one year at the time of registration.

Do I need transcripts for initial registration on the site?

Since one of the criteria for student recruitment is the grades obtained in each course, so the existence of transcripts is essential. If the student did not graduate at the time of registration on the university website, he / she must upload the transcripts of the courses he / she has taken up to the time of registration on the university website.

Can Sunnis also enroll in university?

The university accepts Muslim applicants, so Sunni applicants can also enroll in the university.

I have not graduated yet. Can I enroll in university?

When registering in person, the student must submit the original bachelor’s degree and transcripts approved by the Iranian embassy to the university, but if for any reason he can’t upload any of these documents on the university website during the initial registration, he can get a temporary graduation certificate. Upload your education and transcripts on the website of Ahlul-Bayt University and provide the original approved documents when you are in Iran.

Does Ahlul-Bayt University pay for travel for students?

Travel expenses (whether air or land) are the responsibility of the student.

My master’s degree is different from my bachelor’s degree, can I register?

The maximum correspondence of the undergraduate field with the requested field in the master’s degree significantly increases the student admission percentage. However, if these two fields are contradictory, it will not be a problem for the applicant to register. For example, a student studying for a bachelor’s degree in English can enroll in a field of international relations.

I am over the age of university (28 years old), ‌ Can I still enroll in university?

The age requirement for scholarship applicants at the university is that if the applicant does not meet the age requirements, he / she can enroll in the university freely (paying tuition)

How are the results of registration and student visa announced to the student?

The results will be announced on the university’s website. If a student is accepted, his / her student visa will be sent to the same telegram / WhatsApp number with which he / she sent the registration code at the beginning of the registration.

I do not have a reference, can I enroll in university?

If the applicant does not have a reference, he / she can enroll in the university.

If I am not able to come to the university after the announcement of the accepted results, will my name remain in the list of admissions reserves for the next course as a reservation?

If a student fails to complete his / her registration at the university after receiving a student visa for any reason, he / she will be removed from the list of those admitted to that course and will be deprived of re-registration at the university for one year.


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