Head of the Faculty of Science and Technology
Executive and managerial records

Head of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Ahlul Bayt International University (AS) 2020 – so far

– Faculty member of Ahlul Bayt International University

– Advisor of Chancellor of the University

– Member of the Board of Directors of Yas International Innovation Center

– Launching the Faculty of Science and Technology and the field of mechatronics

Member of the Human Resources Working Group of the Foundation and the Planning Working Group: 2019

– Membership in relevant working groups by the order of the honorable deputy of the Foundation of the Oppressed of the Islamic Revolution

Managing director and member of the board of directors of Sina Educational Research and Development Institute 2018-2021

– Trustee of education and research in the Foundation of the Oppressed of the Islamic Revolution

– Manager and designer of organizational training courses in more than 200 affiliated companies

– Launching a special consulting service for the Foundation’s staff

– Laying the growth center with the cooperation of the Vice President for Science

Head of Sina Applied Science Unit (Tehran) 2019-2021

– Combining two tourism units and Sina

– Increasing the number of courses and the number of students

Head of Research Institute for Planning and Economic Studies 2019-2020

– Industrial / research consulting services for foundation group companies

Research opportunity at KTH University, Sweden 2016-2017

-Acting member of VINNOVA FFI LISA2 international project

– Extraction, optimization and modeling of information from the automatic industrial production system

University teaching 2013-2017

– Lecturer at Islamic Azad University

– Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences

– Lecturer at Payame Noor University

Advisor to the Deputy Engineer of Saipa Research Center 2015-2018

– Idea maker of Saipa Company Think Tank meetings

-Iran University of Science and Technology 2013-2015

– Director of Laboratories of the Automotive Engineering Research Institute

– Setting up an engine testing and pollution testing laboratory of the Automobile Research Institute

Iran University of Science and Technology 2011-2013

– Office Manager of the International Journal of Automotive Engineers (IJAE)

– Convert the above journal to scientific research and ISC

Pak Andish Hirad Company 2009-2011

– Cleanroom Engineering and Design Manager

– Supply of related equipment

 Heat Metal Engineering Company 2007-2009

– Director of inspectors based in parts manufacturing factories

Royal Atlas Asia Company 2007-2009

– East Asia Manager – Import and Export

Siemens Germany Company 2003-2004

– Production order manager of Iran – Turbine department



PhD: 2013-2020

– Product Development – Automotive Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology

Thesis topic: Presenting a model to review and evaluate the performance of product development in the automotive industry


Research opportunity: 2016-2017

– Industrial Research, Royal Swedish University KTH


Master (1): 2010-2012

– Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology

Thesis topic: Investigating the productivity of the car production line using a combination of fuzzy science and balanced scorecard method


Master (2): 2020-2022

– Jurisprudence and principles of Islamic law – Payam-e-Noor


Bachelor: 2005-2009

– Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology

Thesis topic: Forming metals by explosion and its software analysis


Associate: 2003-2005

– Mechanical Engineering, University of Indonesia and QUT University of Australia

– Thesis topic: Design and construction of electric bicycles

Foreign Language Certificates
  • Three-year English language course at The British Institute 1999-2001
  •  Graduated from the Wall Street Institute of America in 2004
  • Comprehensive Malay language course and obtaining a diploma from the Comprehensive University of Indonesia, 2001-2009


– Product life cycle management – Mazmoon publication 2011

– Renault’s strategic approach to creating a techno center – Institute of EzIran Publishing 2020 



-A search in a suitable structure for industrial development centers with a look at Renault Technocenter 2013

– The role of suppliers in creating a competitive advantage for industries through product architecture 1392

– Investigating the role of design in product quality (Case study on conversion industries) 2011


  • Balance Score Card with Fuzzy Inferences as a Performance Measurement in an Automotive Manufacturing Line; International Journal of Automotive Engineering 2012
  • Strategic Model and Structure Management of Chines Independence Automotive Companies; International Journal of Automotive Engineering  2014
  • A New Method to Verify Auto Production Line Efficiency; International Journal of Science and Engineering Research 2014
  • Managing Product Development in Auto Industry; International Journal Automotive Engineering 2015
  • A Compressive Study of Automotive NPD’S Performance Indicators between Industry and University Based Projects in a Developing Country; International Journal of Automotive Engineering  2016
  • A value Analysis of New Product Development Factors in a Developed and Developing Country (case study); International Journal of Automotive Engineering  2016
  • A Comparison on Automotive NPD’S Performance Factors between Academia, Developed and Developing Countries (case study); Transylvanian Review 2016
  • A Performance Measurement Model of New Product Development in Automotive Industry (case study); Journal of Engineering and Applied Science          2017