According to the bylaws of the admission and enrollment council of the university, Ahlul Bayt International University allocates a specific number of scholarships to students. The request for scholarship by students will be assessed in the admission and enrollment council, and in case it is accepted by the university, it will be relayed to the student.

Note: The flight tickets, cost of textbooks and application fee for the visa is on the student. ABU doesn’t pay any allowance.

  Conditions of receiving a scholarship

  • Maximum age of 24 for B.A., 28 for M.A., and 32 for PhD.

Note: if the applicant has special qualifications, the university would consider giving them a scholarship regardless of the age restrictions.

  • Minimum score of 17 out of 20 (80 out of 100) in all courses leading up to the selected course at the ABU.
  • Compatibility of the chosen field with the applicant’s last degree.
  • Graduated from prestigious universities.