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step1) Read the registration guide
The applicant should first read the registration guide carefully and then register on the university portal.
step2) Register on the university portal
The applicant should first register by visiting the university registration portal at admission.abu.ac.ir. Then, with the specified username and password, upload their educational documents on the university portal at ams.abu.ac.ir.
After completing the above steps, a tracking code will be assigned to the applicant who should send the tracking code with their personal mobile number via WhatsApp (+989101915801) to the university admission management.
Point 1: Applicants are strongly recommended to read the registration guide carefully and then start registering.
Point 2: Accepted students will be admitted to the University only if they present their certified educational documents by the Iranian Embassy and their home country’s ministry of science and higher education.
Point 3: The university does not receive any money from applicants for initial registration on the university portal.

Bachelor’s degree

If the candidate is about to graduate from the undergraduate course, their registration will be temporarily unrestricted by presenting a certificate of employment from the university as well as transcripts of the courses they have taken. Of course, it is mandatory to present the original and approved diplomas and certificates through the relevant centers while attending university.

Maximum age 28 years

Applicants over the age of 28 will not be eligible for Scholarship A.


Married students can apply for admission, but the university has no obligation to provide them with married accommodation.

Mental and physical health

The students should not have any scholarships in the same course (master) in any Iranian universities

If you have studied in Iran, admission will be possible by paying tuition fees.

Maximum matching of the bachelor’s degree program with the chosen field in the master’s degree


Admissions will be announced in three categories: a) full scholarship b) partial scholarship c) tuition payer

a) Full scholarship

All costs of semesters, accommodation, food will be covered by the university.

b) partial scholarship

The cost of semesters will be covered by the university. But, the cost of accommodation and food is collected by the student, the amount of which will be announced after approval by the board of trustees of the university.

c) Tuition payer

All tuition fees are paid by the student, the amount of which will be announced after approval by the University Board of Trustees.

all those admitted to the university (scholarships types A, B, C) To confirm their enrollment in Ahlul Bayt International Universitymust deposit the amount of $100 (85 Euros) to the university account and send the image of the deposit slip to the university.

It is possible to apply for admission to Ahlul-Bayt International University throughout the year, and applicants can register on the university by completing and sending the registration form to the university email

After final admission to the university, students should submit their bachelor’s degree and transcript to the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Iranian Embassy in their home country for approval.

The university does not receive any money from applicants for initial registration on the university portal.

Due to new changes in the student admission process, the registration deadline has been removed, so applicants can register for the two entries of October or February at any time.

The criterion for selecting the applicant is the student’s resume (CV). So be sure to send any document you have to the university email.

✅Email the registration form neither as a photo nor as a Pdf, only as a Microsoft Word file.

✅University applicants can enroll in the university without a referral. And they do not need to pay anything for the initial registration.

✅Please note that the submitted documents must be of good quality.

✅Students who did not graduate at the time of enrollment must submit a temporary certificate and a transcript of the courses they have completed.

Note that the matching of the bachelor’s degree and the field you are applying for at Ahlul-Bayt University is very effective for your final admission. Non-Persian language students will take a 7-month Persian language course before starting their chosen course. The approximate time to start Persian language classes for the entrance of February will be June 22 and the start time of Persian language classes for the beginning of October will be December 22.

✅It is recommended that you subscribe to the university telegram channel to follow the latest registration news.

For further information, you can:

Do I have to register on the website of the Ministry of Science of Iran (Saorg) to register?

Previously, registration on the website of the Ministry of Science was done by students. However, due to the restrictions on the site and the many problems that arose for the applicants, it was decided that from now on students would only register on the Ahlul-Bayt University website and the registration process would be done by the university on the Ministry of Science website.

Is it necessary to have a passport to register?

It is mandatory to have a passport that is valid for at least one year at the time of registration.

Do I need transcripts for initial registration on the site?

Since one of the criteria for student recruitment is the grades obtained in each course, so the existence of transcripts is essential. If the student did not graduate at the time of registration on the university website, he / she must upload the transcripts of the courses he / she has taken up to the time of registration on the university website.

Can Sunnis also enroll in university?

The university accepts Muslim applicants, so Sunni applicants can also enroll in the university.

I have not graduated yet. Can I enroll in university?

When registering in person, the student must submit the original bachelor’s degree and transcripts approved by the Iranian embassy to the university, but if for any reason he can’t upload any of these documents on the university website during the initial registration, he can get a temporary graduation certificate. Upload your education and transcripts on the website of Ahlul-Bayt University and provide the original approved documents when you are in Iran.

Does Ahlul-Bayt University pay for travel for students?

Travel expenses (whether air or land) are the responsibility of the student.

My master’s degree is different from my bachelor’s degree, can I register?

The maximum correspondence of the undergraduate field with the requested field in the master’s degree significantly increases the student admission percentage. However, if these two fields are contradictory, it will not be a problem for the applicant to register. For example, a student studying for a bachelor’s degree in English can enroll in a field of international relations.

I am over the age of university (28 years old), ‌ Can I still enroll in university?

The age requirement for scholarship applicants at the university is that if the applicant does not meet the age requirements, he / she can enroll in the university freely (paying tuition)

How are the results of registration and student visa announced to the student?

The results will be announced on the university’s website. If a student is accepted, his / her student visa will be sent to the same telegram / WhatsApp number with which he / she sent the registration code at the beginning of the registration.

I do not have a reference, can I enroll in university?

If the applicant does not have a reference, he / she can enroll in the university.

If I am not able to come to the university after the announcement of the accepted results, will my name remain in the list of admissions reserves for the next course as a reservation?

If a student fails to complete his / her registration at the university after receiving a student visa for any reason, he / she will be removed from the list of those admitted to that course and will be deprived of re-registration at the university for one year.