Apply to  ABU?

Courses we have 

Faculty of  Islamic Sciences

  • Islamic History
  • Islamic Philosophy and Theology
  • Religion And Mysticism

Faculty of  Literature and Humanities

  • Private Law
  • Criminal Law and Criminology
  • Persian Language and Literature

Faculty of  Social and Behavioural Sciences

  • International Relation
  • Islamic Economics
  • Business Management


Admission with  " Scholarship ",which includes:

  • Free Education
  • Free accommodation in University residence for 24 months (four academic semesters plus two summer holidays).
  • Daily meal (lunch and dinner) or subsidy for meal if the meal is not provided.
  • Cultural facilities (such as student camps, events, etc.)
  • Sports facilities
  • consulting services
  • Subsidies for health insurance and accident insurance throughout your stay in Iran until graduation.
  • Research facilities (library, free internet, etc.)

Self-Funded  Admission:

  • students will enjoy the same facility without any change, with the difference that they will pay $ 1,000 per semester for their tuition fees and above mentioned facilities. In terms of the type of graduation certificate provided, there is no difference between scholarship students and Self-funded students.

Admission Requirement

Admission  Requirement

  • Having a undergraduate degree (16 years of total education or 4 years of undergraduate study) from approved universities in the applicant country.
  • Maximum age of 28 years
  • memorised at least 5 parts of the Holy Quran
  • Compilation or translation of at least 1 scientific books
  • Compilation of at least 2 valid scientific articles
  • Having a secondary level or higher Howzeh education.
  • General Social and behavioural Merit
  • Physical and mental health; (Unfortunately the university is unable to provide disability services)
  • Having the same bachelor degree or a related field of study to the selected field of study for Master’s degree.
  • being familiar with Persian language and ability to the Holy Quran recitation will have positive points for admission
  • Not having a college scholarship at a similar level (master's degree) in Iranian universities.

Application  Calendar

Admission Timeline for  Non-Persian speakers

Registration Time 

23th of March to 23th of July  

Admission Process 

August and September  

Announcement of Admitted Student  

1th of October  

Student Arrival to University  

10th to 17th of December  

Announcement to Reserve Student  

17th to 23th of December  

Reserve student Arrival  

23th of December To 7th of January  

Student Recruiting and Admission Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions  

Yes, you can register, but remember in order to fully enrol in university you must submit your degree certificate which has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Islamic Republic of Iran Embassy in your home country.

Yes, you can register. But obviously applying for the same field as your previous degree, increase the likelihood of your successful admission.

Without a passport, there is no possibility to register. Apply to get a passport in your country as soon as possible.

No. All documents should be submitted in the University’s admission platforms, which are mentioned in ‘How to Apply’ section.

Yes, it is not compulsory. 

No, Documents of all students who did not complete their registration will not enter the evaluation process.

The Final result will be announced according to the admission timetable. The result will be published through university website and other official channels. It is recommended that candidate keep in contact with admission office in order to follow their application.]

The required documents are: a passport image, Undergraduate degree, Degree Transcript, Candidate introduction film, and all other supportive documents that could help your application.

The video should contain the following information:

– General Introduction of Candidate.

– Reading several lines of the Holy Quran.

– Introduce and present your scientific, educational and research records.

– introduce your cultural and sport and social activities.

Registration and application to the University are valid with the original documents that are officially issued and not yet approved by the university. But for enrolment into university you must be able to present an approved undergraduate degree.

In the comprehensive registration guide, which can be downloaded in the “How to Apply” section, all the details and the complete registration guide are provided. If you could not solve your problem by referring to that guideline, please do not hesitate to contact the admission office.

The length of the course is usually for four semesters and the university facilities are also available for 24 months (four semesters plus two summer holidays). In addition, students who are not familiar with Persian language must be enrolled at the university before the start of their course in accordance to the time scheduled for their Farsi language course.

How to Apply  

First Step 

Applicants must register with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran at, and upload the necessary documents. After completing the registration, the applicants will receive a tracking code, which they must provide to the university (Section 2 below).

Second Step 

Applicants must register at University portal at You must fill the registration form and receive your username and password. Applicant must then log in to university portal using the username and password at you must then upload the required document and your introductory vide at the university portal, complete the registration and get your university application reference number.  Your registration is now full and complete.

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