Head of Human Resources
Job description and duties
  • Doing the hiring members of the scientific
  • The nose administrative staff in collaboration with relevant units and program management and budget
  • The projected retirement date promotions and members of the academic and administrative staff to provide the necessary funds estimated
  • Maintaining all directives, laws and rules and regulations of a job
  • Filing personnel for all employees
  • Working closely with Program Management and Budget and comment in the formulation and implementation of classification of jobs for university staff
  • Control and supervise the work of subordinate offices and coordination between the activities of the company
  • Implementing rules and regulations of a recruitment country
  • Conduct the recruitment of personnel and staff members of the rules and regulations of a relevant
  • Monitoring the arrival and departure hours of administrative staff
  • Archiving documents and files of staff and faculty members
  • Sentences academic mission, sabbatical, the mission of teaching and administrative staff of
  • The preparation of the case by members of the scientific proposal and the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees of the audit board
  • Perform all matters related to employee evaluation
  • Action to provide amenities such as shopping mall activities, Cooperative Housing Loan Fund loan, and the creation of sports facilities
  • Tasks related to the provision of health insurance and the preparation of manuals for health care and social security of employees and members of the university
  • Cooperation with financial management to pay employees’ insurance premiums
  • Investigating the financial facilities of the university for the welfare of educational and administrative staff
  • Lending the necessary personnel required to University
  • Reporting monthly and annually submit to the higher authority
  • Supervision, coordination, division of labor between all relevant units of the Services and Procurement Department
  • Supervising the way of arranging the list of procurement items of different units of the university according to the law and regulations of the subject
  • Supervise the coordination of internal purchases and orders
  • Supervision of university vehicles
  • Supervise the performance of university services
  • Supervising the forces of service companies that are parties to the contract of the administrative and financial deputy of the university
  • Prepare a monthly statement of the staff of service companies and send it to the university finances
  • Tasks related to tenders and auctions in cooperation with
  • Supervise how to create and maintain university green space
  • Carrying out all the steps of needs assessment, obtaining a license, calling, and interviewing to attract manpower
  • Submitting the files of faculty members for submission to the Board of Auditors, the Board of Trustees, and the Board of Trustees
  • Preparation and presentation of reports and lists of the person requesting information
  • Provide statistics and information to forecast university budgets
  • The report reviews Operation faculty and non-faculty
  • Issuance of redemption orders, reserve leave, and sick leave for faculty members
Administrative regulations
Regulations for the employment of non-faculty members
Administrative instructions

Inquiry about the status of compensation for supplementary health insurance

 By following up with the Department and Public Relations of the University regarding inquiring about the status of damages of Asia Health Insurance, all staff will be able to refer to the following internet link and enter the national code and the desired period, list damages related to the family of Mr. and file format ‪ PDF Download and view‪.

Inquiry about the status of damages