International Shia Studies Intensive Course

For international professors, faculty members, researchers, and graduate students

August 2022

University of Tehran in collaboration with Ahlul Bayt International University

Why This Course?

Benefits of Participating in the Course

Familiarize Yourself with Shia Studies

Despite its long association with rationalism, Shia Islam has not received the attention it deserves in some parts of the world. In this course, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of the beliefs, culture, and history of Shia Islam.

Learn from Distinguished Scholars

Participants will benefit from the expertise of top-level professors. The academics delivering the lectures at this conference will convey the fruit of their decades of scholarly research to conference participants.

Connect with International Researchers

This is an international course in which professors and researchers from around the globe will take part. The course will provide an amazing opportunity to expand your contacts.

Acquaint Yourself with Iranian Culture

Iran has one of the oldest civilizations on earth. You will enjoy the beautiful tourist destinations of Iran, visiting the cities of Qom, Esfahan, and Tehran as well as experiencing a desert stay.

Shia Studies Intensive Course




Rationalism is an integral part of Shi’ism, an element that due to globalization becomes more important every day. In the current political environment, the beliefs and teachings of Shia Islam have been misinterpreted due to Western propaganda against it. Although every religion, including Islam, has sects or offshoots that subscribe to extremist ideologies, Shia Islam’s emphasis on rationalism distinguishes it from other Islamic denominations. Therefore, this intensive course investigates the rationalist perspective of Shia Islam and its difference from extremist ideologies such as Wahhabism and extremist groups such as ISIS. Hence, this course addresses two fundamental questions: What are the principles and rationalist ideologies of Shiism? How could philosophy, justice, and inherent human rights assist in responding to the maladies of today’s world?





Keynote Presenters

Former Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Faculty Member at the University of Tehran
Prof. Mohamad Javad Zarif
Faculty Member
Founding Member of the Advisory Board of the Shiite Studies Center in Qom. Faculty Member at the Imam Khomeini Education and Research Institute
Prof. Mohamad Legenhausen
Faculty Member
Dean of the Faculty of World Studies and Associate Professor of Iranian Studies, University of Tehran
Prof. Mohamad Samiei
Dean of Faculty
Head of the Department of Islamic Studies at the Academy of Sciences of Iran. Faculty Member at Shahid Beheshti University
Prof. Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad
Head of Department

Course Details

Course subject: 21-25 August, 2022

  • History of Islam, Contemporary Iran and the Shia Seminary (howzeh)
  • Introduction to Islamic Theology and its History
  • Introduction to Dynamic Shia Fiqh (Shia Jurisprudence)
  • The Position of Shia Scholars in Islamic Societies
  • Introduction to Islamic Schools of Thought
  • Logic in Shia Schools of Thought
  • Other topics TBC

Cultural tour of Iran (optional):

  • Visiting Cultural and Tourist Attractions in Tehran, Qom, and Esfahan
  • Stay at Matin Abad Eco-Camp and Organic Farm

Participation Options: Course participants have two options: either to attend the course lectures only (21–25 August, 2022), or to attend both the course lectures and the cultural tour (21–30 August, 2022).


For further information contact: +98 905 358 4022 (WhatsApp)