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General qualifications
  • Not having Iranian citizenship.
  • Being of sound physical and mental health.
  • High school diploma in foreign schools in order to apply for B.A., B.A. in order to apply for M.A., and M.A in order to apply for PhD.
  • Minimum score of 14 out of 20 or 70 out of 100 for entry to B.A., M.A. and PhD in all courses.
  • Maximum age of 32 for B.A., 36 for M.A. and 40 for PhD.
  • Maximum age for scholarship is 24 for B.A., 28 for M.A., and 32 for PhD.
  • The applicants’ degrees must be approved by the education/higher education ministry and the foreign affair ministry of the applicants’ home nation, as well as the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in that country. All original and affirmed higher education diploma/degrees must be submitted to the university at the time attending the Ahlul Bayt International University.

Attention: applicants may begin the process of enrollment after finishing their current course and before receiving their degree or presenting their thesis. However, this depends on the fact that the applicant will receive their degree or present their thesis before the end of the semester and beginning the registration process. If the applicant does not manage to provide their degree or present their thesis before beginning the final stage of registration, their enrollment is annulled.