Islamic Studies

Ahlul Bayt International University established the Faculty of Islamic Studies in line with its mission to help promote science and meet the scientific, research, and professional needs of Muslim students and researchers, as well as to help revive and expand Islamic culture and civilization. The school operates in three disciplines: Islamic history, Islamic philosophy and theology, and religions and mysticism

Law and Political Science

Ahlul Bayt International University (AS) took an effective step to expand and generalize the educational activities of the country by establishing the Faculty of Law and Political Science to develop in various fields of science and knowledge development. It consists of three disciplines: private law, criminal law and criminology, and international relations. Training of specialized personnel for the judiciary and political institutions is one of the necessities of establishing this college. The special reception of distinguished students in the fields of law and political science shows the importance of these fields in society, and there is no doubt that in the not-too-distant future, a significant number of prominent jurists, lawyers, judges, professors, and experts in political science will graduate. The graduates of this college will be.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

In the age of globalization, urbanization, and industrial developments, social life has become one of the most complex topics in scientific study. Unlike traditional societies, where social phenomena were discussed on the margins of other sciences, entering the modern age necessitated the study of human communities as an independent subject. With the advancement of technology, social issues and problems have also increased. The need to provide prudent solutions to address these challenges and multilayered social developments highlight the importance and necessity of continuous scientific and research activities in areas related to the social sciences. In this regard, training committed and specialized forces and familiar with scientific and research skills is one of the priorities of the higher education system. To achieve this goal, the Faculty of Social Sciences of Ahlul Bayt (AS) International University began its activities by creating three disciplines: social communication sciences, anthropology, and women’s studies. Due to the need to develop postgraduate education and meet the needs of society in the field of training skilled and trained manpower was launched.

Science and Technology

 The Faculty of Science and Technology of Ahl al-Bayt International University (PBUH) has been established to train the specialized staff needed in postgraduate studies to create and present the knowledge needed by societies in the three disciplines of Islamic economics, mechatronics engineering, and business management.

Department of Women’s Studies

Introduction Today more than ever, the position of women in society has changed, many formal barriers that limit or make women’s activities limited or impossible have been removed, and women have seen more education and social work than ever before. be. As in Islam, the dignity of women and the enjoyment of a worthy human […]

Language Department

The language department of Ahlul Bayt International University (AS) has been established to raise the academic level of language students, students of organizations, and call centers that are in contact with inside and outside Iran, as well as creating interaction between universities and different strata.