Department of Women's Studies


Today more than ever, the position of women in society has changed, many formal barriers that limit or make women’s activities limited or impossible have been removed, and women have seen more education and social work than ever before. be. As in Islam, the dignity of women and the enjoyment of a worthy human status in the family and human society are emphasized. Today, the attitude of men towards women has changed to a great extent. How are the social status of women in the family and the public sphere properly explained? What theoretical formulations or paradigms are there to explain the position of women in society? How do social relations between men and women affect society? The Center for Women Studies and Research of the International University of Ahl al-Bayt (PBUH) provides knowledge and tools to answer these questions in a scientific atmosphere, away from trade unions and political orientations.

This center is established as a scientific-research center that operates intending to guide, organize, expanding and promoting studies and research in the field of women and family at the national and international levels.